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Baptism of the Lord: the Perfection of Justice

Jan 5, 2011

Lectionary Readings: Isaiah 42: 1-4, 6-7. In this first song of the Suffering Servant within the prophesy of Isaiah, God summons his chosen one to bring forth justice to the nations, quietly, considerately. Acts 10: 34-38. Peter instructs the first gentile converts beginning with Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist when he was anointed with ... Read more

Palm Sunday, Recognizing the things that make for Peace

Mar 23, 2010

Lectionary Readings: Luke 19:28-40 (Gospel for the Procession). Luke’s account of Jesus’ messianic entry into Jerusalem heightens the struggle which Jesus will face in the city and temple. Isaiah 50:4-7 In the prophecy of Isaiah the third Song of the Suffering Servant combines listening and abject humiliation with dignified strength. Philippians 2:6-11. Jesus emptied himself ... Read more

XXIV Sunday of Ordinary Time

Sep 8, 2009

Readings: Isaiah 50:5-9 – The servant is not ashamed, even though smeared with spittle; the servant teaches others by first being obedient to the Lord. James 2:14-18 – Faith that does nothing in practice is thoroughly lifeless. Mark 8:27-35 – After Peter confesses Jesus to be the Messiah, Jesus teaches the disciples the necessity to ... Read more

Lectionary Reflection: Palm Sunday

Mar 31, 2009

Readings: Gospel for the Procession of Palms: Mark 11:1-10 or John 12:12-16 Isaiah 50:4-7 Philippians 2:6-11 Mark 14:1–15:47 or Mark 15:1-39 Thoughts for Your Consideration: by John Gonzalez, CPP This week we celebrate Palm Sunday. As I read the lectionary readings I am struck by the following line from Paul’s letter to the Philippians: “Christ ... Read more