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Fr. Jim O'Oshea and Reconnect Brooklyn

Reconnect "began on a violence-drenched corner" of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New . Its goal is to create "an entry level economy for young men looking to change the course of their lives. Our mission is to offer employment that leads to renewed engagement of education, training and commitment to community leadership and service."

Fr. Rey Ondap, CP: Taking on the difficult issues in the Philippines

In January 2016, Fr. Rey Carvyn Ondap, C.P. was named Coordinator of the new formed JPIC Commission of the Passionist Asia Pacific Configuration. This young priest takes on a daunting role, but his energy, dedication, and his track record of activism all point to Fr. Rey’s ability to further the mission of the Passionist JPIC: “to “defend the rights of the most vulnerable and exploited sector of the society.” In this new position, Fr. Rey will take on many challenges in Philippine society, such as environmental destruction, banishment of indigenous peoples, and the violation of workers’ rights, especially farmers.

Fr. Alex Steinmiller: Ministering to those on the Margins

Alex has been working with at risk populations and people on the margins for over forty years. This passion is formed from the belief that "people can be changed by the love of Christ on the cross."
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