The two principle apostolates of the Passionist community are its Preaching and Retreat ministries. Through these ministries we offer the Christian community an opportunity to come to know and love God and God’s holy purpose for each one of us, especially in the midst of suffering. This is the mission of the Passionist community. The Passionist JPIC Office offers resources, programs and workshops on the social dimension of this great mission. The services of this Passionist office is to offer Retreat models and workshop topics that could be used with Retreats, Parishes, Catechetical, and other models of formation.

Passionist JPIC Retreat Programs: 

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  • Passionist JPIC Young Adult Programs: All our retreat programs are designed with three sessions and we have resources for integrating prayer and liturgy that will compliment these retreats. They are designed with young adults in mind but they can be offered to anyone. The retreats can be designed from a 24 hour retreat to a fulll weekend. The Programs are designed to create a community of compassion that can have an ongoing relationship with their retreat center.
    • The Impact of the Cross in the World Today: This is a Passionist JPIC retreat program that focuses on the issues of economic globalization and building a global solidarity based on an ethic of compassion.
    • The Peace of the Non-Violent Cross: This retreat examines the Christian spirituality of peace and nonviolence and then explores the issues of violence in the world and the Christian response based on a spirituality of the Cross.
    • Living Simply So Others May Simply Live: Our Passionist ecological retreat examines the spirituality of Christian simple living based on the ecological spirituality that reaches out to our suffering planet based on the theological work of Fr. Thomas Berry, CP.

Passionist JPIC Workshops and Programs: for Parishes, Missions, Catechesis, Retreats and other speaking engagements

  • Passion for Life series: Passionist JPIC Retreat workshops
    • Passionist spirituality of Justice
    • Passion for Life: A Passionist reflection on the Consistent Ethic of Life
    • Authentic Human Development: A Passionist reflection on the recent social encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI Caritas in Veritate
    • Passionist sustainability: A talk on “Green” facilities
    • Passion for Peace
    • “Actions on Behalf of Justice” A Passionist guide towards social action and legislative advocacy
    • Christian Simple living: The evangelical councils for the lay community
    • The Integrity of Creation: Living in the Eco-zioc Age
  • Just Neighbors: JPIC programs adapted from issue workshops of the Just Neighbors program of Family Promise
    • Poverty: These three sessions from Just Neighbors addresses different aspect of the issue of poverty and gets people to understand the issues of people in poverty.
      • Who Is My Neighbor? introduces three different families that are facing poverty, share the obstacles they face and how we, as a people of faith, are called to respond.
      • Making Ends Meet: Goes into the detail of what it means to be a family living in poverty and the difficult decision that they face.
      • What Would You Choose? Goes further in having participants make the tough decisions that people in poverty face.
    • Does Working Work?: This session considers the dignity of work and shares on the issues that affect the “working poor”
    • Housing Matters:  This session discusses the nation’s housing crisis and teaches how communities are responding to the needs of housing.
    • Prejudice, Privilege, and Poverty: The link of race and poverty is discussed with this session
    • Our Children, Our Future: Children in poverty share through pictures and story their own harsh reality of growing up poor. Participants will identify the essential elements all children need to thrive.
  • Scripture Reflection
    • Wisdom of the Cross: A Passionist JPIC reflection on 1Corintians 1:18-25
    • Christian Freedom: A Passionist JPIC reflection on Galatians 5:13-26
    • Our Social Covenant: A Passionist JPIC reflection on Deuteronomy 5:1-21 (the ten commandments)
    • Faith without Works is dead: A Passionist JPIC reflection on James 2:14-26
  • Other topics related to the Mission of the office can be developed.

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