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The Amazon: A Global Treasure

Mar 1, 2013

The Amazon: A Global Treasure The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest, covering an area larger than the continental United States. It houses one-third of the Earth’s plant and animal species and produces one-fifth of all its fresh water.  Like all rainforests, it helps regulate the global climate and is ... Read more

Lenten Reflections

Mar 1, 2013

Lenten Reflections written by Joe Grant, JustFaith Program Staff But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door…  Matthew 6:6   When I would go to my listening place, closing the door to be alone in the quiet, the whole world would come knocking, banging to be let in.   The more I ... Read more

Stand with Starving Children Around the World

Mar 1, 2013

ACTION ALERTS STAND WITH STARVING CHILDREN AROUND OUR WORLD Catholic Relief Services reaches into the lives of children in Mali and Sudan, Central American countries and beyond, being the hands of Christ, and extending our reach to make a difference. Thanks to U.S. poverty-focused international assistance children in war-torn Mali, for example, will eat staple ... Read more

Our Lenten Project of Life

Mar 1, 2013

OUR LENTEN PROJECT OF LIFE    Phil Lloyd-Sidle Pastor, James Lees Memorial Presbyterian Church originally published in the Sowers of Justice newsletter, Louisville, KY In the midst of so much that calls to us — so much activity, so many emails asking for response, so many actions for peace, for environmental integrity, for economic justice, ... Read more

“The Moral Measure of this Budget Debate” Part 1. The Catholic concern

May 31, 2011

Early in May the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops wrote a letter to Congress expressing their concern with regards to the budget debate. In this letter they offered a creative and moral challenge to congress to design “a budget that reduces future deficits, protects poor and vulnerable people, advances the common good, and promotes ... Read more

Corporate Political Contributions

May 26, 2011

With the Supreme Court Case Citizen’s United Corporations were given the freedom to flex their political muscle by eroding the regulation of their political contributions on the basis that it infringed on their freedom of speech.  In this Supreme Court Case Justice Anthony Kennedy stated that this freedom ought to be further exercised by the ... Read more

Engaging Economic Subsidiarity: embracing the struggle between Freedom and Equality

May 13, 2011

One’s perspective on issues determines what one sees.  Broader perspectives engulf more than narrower ones.  Retrieving the most fundamental perspective, at least for believers in God, entails acknowledgment that all is gift, all is grace.  This is a creation perspective.  Everything that we have and we possess is a gift from God. Taking gift/gratuity seriously ... Read more

Rerum Novarum and the Catholic legacy of Economic Justice

May 1, 2011

The current budget battle between the two dominant American political parties involves two familiar, age-old, disagreements on how to provide prosperity for as many people as possible. From the political forces on the right we have a firm belief that economic growth happens through a free and unregulated market system. This tradition comes to us ... Read more

Good Friday: A Transcendental Accompaniment

Apr 19, 2011

To enter any room you must first go through a door. Before one can authentically celebrate Easter and the Resurrection one must first celebrate Good Friday and the Passion. The liturgical celebration which we call Holy Week reminds us that our hope in God and His promise of eternal life comes at the price of ... Read more

The Japanese Situation: A Problem?

Apr 8, 2011

It was almost one month ago that a 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan triggered a massive tsunami with devastating consequences for the people in that region. Just this past week a 7.1 aftershock was felt in the area.  The Passionist have a community in that area that was founded by the American community and we ... Read more