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The JPIC office has a collection of videos, articles, and presentations posted in this section. We hope these resources are helpful and welcome your feedback anytime.

  • Passionist JPIC Workbook PDFs – This page has PDFs of the Passionist JPIC Workbook with articles, position guides, and reflections.
  • JPIC Articles, Prayer Resources and other PDF’s - The Passionist JPIC Office has four international observance where we offer Prayer services and other related material. We invite you to visit this site to gain pdf access to our material for your community, family or parish.
  • Videos – We create and post videos to YouTube and on this website
  • Presentations – Watch and download presentations from the JPIC office

Highlighted Resource

Passionist Position Guide on Religious Liberty and the New York Mosque

Fr. Jesus Maria Aristin has written this Passionist JPIC booklet as part of the Passionist History and Sprituality series. We offer a PDF copy of this magnificent work in both english and spanish.

Passionist JPIC Booklet

Open publication – Free publishingMore passionist

Libro de Pasionista JPIC

Open publication – Free publishingMore pasionista