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Action Steps

North American Passionist JPIC - Endorsements and Sign On

List of Endorsements and Sign On Letters JPIC Committee, Passionists of North America from March 2016

Ask Congress to Support More Humane Immigration Policies

A call to stand with the United States Catholic Bishops in asking for immigration policies that: create a process for undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship; keeps families together; and respects the rights of workers; protects those most vulnerable, especially women and children.

Urge Congress to pass Global Food Security Act of 2015

This bipartisan legislation authorizes a successful approach to food security and agricultural development, currently utilized by Feed the Future, and ensures that we can build upon this program's successes to fight hunger and malnutrition and strengthen agricultural production. This whole-of-government initiative, led by USAID, leverages resources provided by non-governmental and faith-based organizations, private enterprises, universities, and foreign governments to maximize efficiency and impact. Through this initiative we can help alleviate global poverty, hunger, and malnutrition in developing countries and enhance food security. In turn, we can strengthen communities, create stronger trading partners, and build a more stable and secure world.
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